Saturday, November 04, 2006

Getting underway

Once again, Mr. Gray, you begin with a gross distortion of the factual record: the place does not always look like this; my side is impeccably neat and tidy, of course...

Welcome to our blog. For me, it's the first attempt at a weblog, so I'm a little behind Ian on the curve. I have to admit that I find the whole phenomenon of blogs a little bit strange - why would anyone want to spend their time finding out what I think on a variety of issues? - but I'll try to make my entries frequent enough, and interesting enough, to warrant your occasional persual. (And I since I can't say things like "warrant your occasional persual" very much in real life, I'll be saying them on the blog.) I hope this blog spurs thought and discussion, or at the very least provokes a response. Any complaints should be directed to Ian.


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