Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I haven't completely forgotten about this place

I doubt that anyone is still checking this, given the assiduousness with which Ian and I post, but regardless...

I have had cause many times to complain about the fact that people seem to want everything without having to pay for it - often in the context of health care, etc. Well, it turns out that students are no less inclined than anyone else to vote against measures that would actually enable improvement and investment in their communities - ironically enough, even if the tax increase, in this case a $10 per course levy, wouldn't have kicked in until 2009. Dalhousie students, it turns out, just rejected an attempt to raise money for a new student centre and renovations to current spaces. Well, we suck. And we have only ourselves to blame when the physical plant at Dalhousie goes right on sucking like a whore in Babylon.


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