Friday, December 01, 2006

Just when you thought Liberals weren't delusional, self-righteous and self-aggrandizing enough

Michael Ignatieff says, "Liberals are the ones who built this country."

Oh, really, Iggy? I know someone who would be surprised to hear that.

On another note, I find Michael Igantieff's speaking style to be ponderous and annoying. Bob Rae, I thought, was much more natural. I missed the other speeches.

Other fun Iggy quotes:

"A Canada that invests in women's literacy." I wasn't aware that there was a literacy crisis among Canadian women.

"I just wish you could see what I can see." We can only aspire to such heights.

"Tous ensEMble." x8 - Aaagh.

"And let's win some seats in Alberta!" See three minutes earlier in speech: "We have to tax carbon emissions. And we will!"

Note to Iggy: Stop smiling at your own lines.

Ironic accusation: "Stephen Harper pits region against region." Let's leave aside the total absence of evidence for that, and focus on this: the debate with the most potential for regional division in this country was just started by Michael Ignatieff.


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