Saturday, December 02, 2006


I believe that 411 Radical is unanimous in its relief at the result of the Liberal convention. Bed A is, I think, more favourably disposed to the party in general, but even Bed B is glad that Ignatieff and Rae were not chosen. (I think it would have been hilarious to watch the Liberals elect a functionally uniligual leader, though, so Kennedy gets a pass.)

Dion is unquestionably a man of integrity, and one who has made significant personal sacrifices in defence of Canadian federalism. While I find his rhetoric on the environment a bit incredible (when he was environment minister the Liberals did nothing of substance to help the environment), one can hope that the mood in the country is changing enough that if he were elected, he would be able to implement significant, progressive environmental policies.

Whether we want him leading the country in relation to a host of other issues is a matter of much deeper skepticism, at least from this corner.


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