Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dancing in the Endzone

Ow. My head.

It's a refreshing change to wake up on the morning after an American election and only have to worry about the physical sickness of a hangover and not the emotional malaise the last few electoral contests down south have engendered. Also, as Jay notes, Rumsfeld's gone! Huzzah and hooray. The whole thing stinks to high heaven, of course-a week ago, Bush was talking about how he hoped Rumsfeld would stay through 2009. The instant the elections are over, he's out the door-just in time for the lame-duck Senate to confirm his successor.

But all of this is par for the course for this administration, and I'm currently too happy about last night's results to get too upset. Also, this year saw a shocking and unprecedented uptick in the accuracy of my election prognostications; bang on in the Senate, and reasonably close in the House.

Tomorrow, of course, all of this will have faded away a bit, and it will be back to normal. But it beats what happened two years ago...


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